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Privacy Policy

oki.Electric Industry Co., Ltd. and OKI Group Privacy Policy

Oki Electric Industry Co.,Ltd。和Oki Group(以下简称,“Oki Group)是”提供有助于信息社会的发展的产品,同时坚持“进取的精神”并实现舒适yb直播app亚博体育zippo打火机对世界人民的富裕生活。“为了承认其责任为信息驱动的社会做出贡献,Oki集团通过其电信产品和服务向客户提供“安心”。yb直播app亚博体育zippo打火机基于此,OKI组实现了以下措施,以保护其处理的个人信息。yb直播app

  1. OKI集团的每家公司都将提供有关本公司收到的任何个人信息的目的和范围的信息,以回应客户yb直播app询问。它将制定措施,以确保不超过此信息使用的目的和范围。yb直播app
  2. 除非事先另有约定,否则OKI集团将不会向第三方披露存放的个人信息,或者法律要求。yb直播app
  3. OKI集团应实施安全措施和补救措施,以防止存放的个人信息被泄露,丢失或损害。yb直播app
  4. The OKI Group shall strictly abide by all applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and standards set by the government regarding the storage of personal information.
  5. 除了为处理个人信息的每个部门建立个人信息经理,OKI集团还应促进妥善处理个人信息。yb直播app此外,它将向从事与处理个人信息有关的活动的人提供培训和教育。yb直播app
  6. OKI集团将确保它在合理的时间内响应任何投诉或查询或核查,修订或删除其从客户收到的个人信息的要求。yb直播app
  7. OKI集团将不断努力改进其管理系统以保护个人信息。yb直播app

oki.Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
代表总监和Shinya Kamagami总裁


Our customer services desk is happy to respond to any views on the above contents or questions regarding the protection of personal information.


Personal Information Manager
接触: Same as for inquiries on the protection of personal information

Purpose of the use of personal information

Oki Electric Co. Ltd.(以下简称“公司”)宣布使用符合日本的个人信息保护法案,第18条和第27条的个人信息。yb直播app

  1. 销售与客户相关的个人信息产品和服务yb直播app亚博体育zippo打火机
    • 提供维护支持
    • To provide information to the customer
    • To fulfill a contract
    • To deliver products and services
    • 在研讨会和展览中引入新产品等。亚博体育zippo打火机
    • To provide information related to the Company's activities
    • To respond to various inquiries
  2. Personal Information in relation to suppliers.
    • 与供应商联系和谈判
    • To fulfill a contract
    • 支付发票和费用
  3. Personal information regarding shareholders.
    • 按照商业规则行使权利和履行义务
    • 为代表公司提供福利
    • To implement measures to build relationships between the Company and its shareholders
    • 根据有关法律管理股东事务,例如基于规定的标准的股东数据的生产
  4. Personal information regarding those who wish to join the Company.
    • To contact or provide employment/recruitment information to those who have an interest in working at the Company or who have applied for a job at the Company
    • 选择雇员招聘
  5. 与查询有关的个人信yb直播app息。
    • 回复查询并提供信息yb直播app
  6. Personal information entrusted by clients.
    • To fulfill contractual arrangements with clients

Furthermore, if there is separate notification of the purpose of use, this purpose of use shall apply.

上面的项目1 - 5披露了个人信息。yb直播app第6项是未公开的个人信息。yb直播app



The Company may store personal information for amount of time required to perform the purpose of use of this information.

提供个人信息yb直播appto a Third Party

The Company will not provide personal information to a Third Party except in the following cases.

  • 如果个人合同
  • 如果法律要求披露
  • For the protection of life or property, where it is difficult to obtain consent from the individual

Entrustment of Personal Information

Personal information may be entrusted to the extent necessary for achieving the purpose of use.


The Company is developing its business outside Japan. Personal information obtained outside Japan may be transferred to Japan for processing and storage. In this case, the Company will follow applicable laws and implement the necessary, appropriate measures for the protection of personal information.

Concerning Personal Information of Customers under 16



The provision of personal information is in principle voluntary. It may be required depending on the type of service. We will inform customers if the information is required. Please be aware that there are some services that cannot be provided without the submission of personal information.


The Company will respond within a reasonable period of time, within the scope required for the achievement of the purpose of use of the information, if there is an inquiry or request for correction, addition or deletion of details regarding personal information from a customer or his/her proxy.

1-7-12 Toranomon, Minato, Tokyo (Toranomon First Garden), 105-8460, Japan
oki.Electric Industry Co., Ltd. Customer services desk for the protection of personal information

Complaints related to Personal Information and Customer Services

Please contact the customer services desk for the protection of personal information, if you have any complaints or concerns regarding personal information.

1-7-12 Toranomon, Minato, Tokyo (Toranomon First Garden), 105-8460, Japan
oki.Electric Industry Co., Ltd. Customer services desk for the protection of personal information

In addition, if you are outside Japan and wish to raise a complaint, you can file a complaint with the Data Protection Supervisory Authority in your country.

About the OKI Website

Furthermore, the Company will bear no responsibility for the protection of customers' personal information in relation to other websites linked to the OKI website.

Use of Cookies


The Company may use cookies on the OKI website to provide better services customized for each customer's use. The customer can deactivate cookies by going to his/her browser settings. Certain services may become unavailable in that case.

Privacy Mark

In Japan, OKI Electric has been awarded Privacy Mark accreditation by JIPDEC.

The PrivacyMark recognizes operators that meet the Japanese industrial standard requirements for the secure handling of personal information based on the "Personal information protection management system - Requirements (JIS Q 15001).

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